The Anawim Shelter for Homeless Men & Women

The Anawim Shelter has served those within the Polish immigrant community in Chicago for over 30 years. Our residents consists of individuals who have suffered with various substance and alcohol addictions, but who have made the conscious decision to seek help through treatment programs that address their specific area of addiction. It is only through the combination of spiritual growth, a healthy lifestyle, adherence to house rules and the will and desire to improve, that an individual will bee motivated to help themselves. The residence can serve up to 50 individuals at one time and our population is always close to capacity during the winter months.

The Men’s Shelter has been in operation since 1989 and has served hundreds of individuals over the years. Founded by a Franciscan Father, Blazej Karas, the shelter began on the south side of Chicago and later was relocated to a larger building on the grounds of Holy Trinity Catholic Mission Church, our current location. Shortly thereafter, Fr. Blazej decided to go on a mission to Siberia and Teresa Mirabella, a volunteer from the beginning, took over at the helm to ensure that the shelter would not collapse. Having a background as a registered nurse, with a Master’s Degree in psychology, Mrs. Mirabella devoted the last 25 years of her life to the daily operations of the Shelter. She received numerous awards for her work including from the President of Poland and the Nursing Excellence GEM Award.

Each resident must contribute financially to the upkeep and operations of the facility, based on income they receive from outside employment, pensions and other resources. Each resident is assigned duties on a rotating basis within the facility. In addition, the Anawim is supported by generous private donations from individuals and organizations within Polonia and does not receive any assistance through State or Federal grants or other programs.

Several years prior to Teresa’s passion on October 19, 2019, she embarked on building the Anawim Shelter for Homeless Women, as she recognized the need exists to serve this segment of the population within Polonia. She purchased a gutted building and adjacent  lot with her own funds and immediately transferred the ownership to The Anawim. We are nearing completion of the building, which is located in the Humboldt Park are of Chicago. We are forever grateful to the many tradesmen within Polonia and beyond, who have provided their labor and materials at reduced cost or gratis.

As a team, consisting  of all volunteers, we will continue her mission of bringing this project to fruition, so that women in need who seek a better life, after overcoming various substance addictions, will be given the same opportunity to do so for many years to come.

ANAWIM Shelter for Homeless in Chicago welcomes its supporters and friends to visit ANAWIM's facilities, meet its residents or join them for a meal.

Anawim Homeless Shelter
1125 N. Cleaver Street, Chicago, IL 60642
Please call 773-486-8344

Anawim - a Hebrew word from the Old Testament which describes the "poor once"
who remain faithful to God in times of difficulty. These humble people became known
as the Anawim of the "faithful dependents".

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