The Anawim Sober Living Home for Homeless Men & Women

The Anawim Community is a charitable organization founded in 1989 that serves the Polish immigrant community. It derives its name from the Hebrew word “anawim”, which means “ those, who remain faithful in times of difficulty.” The Anawim community welcomes those with little or no means, who have struggled with alcohol or other substance addiction, who have made a personal commitment to seek help, but find themselves without a safe harbor.

We operate as a sober living home during a resident’s post detoxification period, requiring outside counseling support during their stay with us. It is not a long-term residence facility. In the house of Anawim it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages or engage in drugs and the principle of sobriety is strictly observed. Whoever does not follow this rule is “asked out” of the house.
It is expected that residents will transition back into society. That means going to therapy, finding a job, and following the house rules.

A characteristic feature of the community is, above all, concern for the spiritual renewal of the individuals who are served. The house has a chapel where residents meet for common prayers. Every Thursday in the chapel there is an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. This provides the opportunity for personal adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist. The members of the community try to find time on this day to meet Christ, to talk to Him. They entrust their problems to Him and draw strength from Him to overcome their addictions and to reflect on how a more positive path, with effort and faith, can truly change their life for the better. For many of the residents … There are special moments of grace, there are silent encounters with God who bends down to the needy. After the end of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, an evening Holy Mass is celebrated. The Anawim Community also can and are encouraged to participate in the Holy Mass and services celebrated in the Church of the Holy Trinity. Conversations with a priest are a great support, especially when it comes to pastoral matters and the possibility of using advice and meetings with a psychologist.

That is the Mission of the Anawim – Sober Living Home! If you or someone you know is in need of the type of assistance we strive to provide, please call 773 486-8344 and leave a message regarding the specific situation. All calls will be returned within two (2) business days.

God Bless Us All!

ANAWIM Sober Living Home for Homeless in Chicago welcomes its supporters and friends to visit ANAWIM’s facilities, meet its residents or join them for a meal.


Anawim Sober Living Home
1125 N. Cleaver Street, Chicago, IL 60642
Please call 773-486-8344