Jacek D. Rudnicki Memorial Scholarship – $2500

In memory of Jacek Rudnicki

Eligibility Criteria:

Must be the child of a member of the Chicago Police Department killed on duty. Must be a Chicago resident and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Must be a medical student, but exceptional pre-health undergraduate students will be considered.
Many innocent people die in the streets of Chicago every year. Many members of the Chicago Police Department are killed or wounded fighting rampant crime, often leaving their families behind without support.Children who lose their parents and live in single-parent homes face lifelong consequences of their loss and often encounter greater obstacles in their academic and professional lives than their peers.

Jacek D. Rudnicki died tragically in a carjacking incident. This scholarship seeks to honor Jacek’s memory by promoting medical education among children of fallen or catastrophically injured Chicago Police officers. Jacek was dedicated to serving others and would have wanted all young people to achieve their dreams.

The scholarship recipient is selected by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and their name will be submitted to the Polish American Medical Society. The scholarship will be awarded during the annual scholarship ceremony.

The Jacek D. Rudnicki Memorial Scholarship is funded by Jacek’s parents, Dr. Joanna Rudnicki and Dr. Marek Rudnicki.