Nautical Night Tickets

Nautical Night Tickets

August 4, 2021

Dear Friends & Sailors,

Get ready for the   PREMIER EVENT OF THE SEASON!

Nautical Night tickets are ON SALE NOW and THEY ARE HOT & GOING! Buying them could not be easier! Click the link below!

Purchase Nautical Night Tickets Here!!!

Did you see our venue?! Chicago Yacht Club is one of Forbes TOP 50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in the WORLD and for the price of admission YOU will have access to it!  

We will be hosting Nautical Night on September 19, 202117:00-22:00 HOURS.

This is a celebration of the 3rd and 75th Anniversary of Junior PAMS and PAMS, respectively, It is an opportunity to fundraise for our annual medical scholarships. Get ready for a night of dining, networking, and entertainment; there will be Szanty, Polonia Dance Ensemble, Polish yachts, and more!

Please feel free to email us at with any questions.


The Junior Board of the Polish Medical Society
Dr. Evelyn Konsur 
Daniel Borsuk 
Kasia Murzanski 
Dr. Monika Halas 
Dr. Damian Grybowski