PAMS Biannual Elections

PAMS Biannual Elections

May 12, 2016

The biannual election meeting of the Polish American Medical Society took place on April 10, 2016 at the residence of Dr. and Mrs Marlene Mazurek. Over 40 active PAMS members were present. PAMS President Dr. Kornelia Krol presented a summary of events and activities over the past two years. The PAMS has granted over 100 scholarships to medical students, organized several informational meetings for current and prospective students, and initiated a closer cooperation with medical schools in Poland. Dr Krol emphasized the increased role of PAMS in charitable activities of many members and supporters. Our organization contributes to and supports various social and professional causes, including the Shelter for Single Mothers, and seasonal holidays for homeless people. The annual grants were appropriated to the Polish Scout Organization and PASO.

After the initial presentation and greetings, the PAMS Treasurer, Dr Adam Cios, presented the financial activities and the current status of the organization. The organization has been growing both in membership and financially.

Dr Bronek Orawiec talked about sport events around KS Bronek.

Dr Grochowska, the PAMS Comptroller, has validated the financial standings, and granted absolution to all current Board members. She also acknowledged the increasing role of PAMS among medical professionals, and talked proudly about growing respect for Polish doctors. She congratulated the President Dr Kornelia Krol on the success of the recent Charity Physians’ Balls.

The main point of the meeting was the election of the President and Board members for the next two years. Dr Krzysztof Kubik, as a chairman of the Election Committee, presented the rules of the voting process. Overall, over 90 active members casted their ballots. With overwhelming support, Dr. Kornelia Krol has been elected a President of PAMS for the next two years. The newly elected Board members are:

Dr. Kornelia Krol, President

Dr Ewa Radwanska

Dr Adam Cios

Dr Lukasz Chebes

Dr Jagoda Samulak

Dr Krystyna Wagenhejm-Ciesielska

Dr Kasia Kusz

Dr Anna Wegierek

Dr Bartek Wojewnik

Dr Katarzyna Bochenska-Weber

After the election, a dinner was served, courtesy of Dr and Mrs Marlene Mazurek.

Written By: Secretary Dr. Jagoda Samulak

Cosigner: President Dr. Kornelia Król

Election Power Point

Election PPT