70th Anniversary Gala


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The Polish American Medical Society 70th Anniversary Celebration Gala took place on Friday, September 16th, 2016, at the University Club of Chicago. Right from the beginning arriving guests felt something special in the air: the meeting room on the second floor of the Club was enchanting, and set the tone for the evening. Close to 300 guests from several states and 5 countries had a chance to introduce themselves, make new acquaintances, and renew old friendships.

After the rounds of exquisite hors d’oeuvres and a glass of champagne, the crowd moved to the ninth floor, to the Cathedral Hall, a beautiful room reminiscent of old castles.

Dr. Kornelia Krol, the current President of the Polish American Medical Society started the official proceedings by welcoming and introducing distinguished guests:

  • Senate Majority Leader of the Republic of Poland, Dr. Stanislaw Karczewski
  • Former Minister of Health of the Republic of Poland, Prof. Grzegorz Opala
  • Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago, Hon. Piotr Janicki
  • Honorary President of Polish Medical Association, prof. Dr. Jerzy Woy-Wojciechowski
  • Member of The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, Dr. Jerzy Jakubiszyn
  • President of The Silesian Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, Dr. Jacek Kozakiewicz
  • Vice-President of Polish Medical Association in France, Dr. Marek Majewski
  • President of Polish Medical Organizations Abroad Dr .Janusz Kasina from Sweden
  • President of the Chicago Medical Society, Dr. Clarence Brown
  • Executive Director of International Program, The University of Chicago, Mr. Emilio Williams.

Dr. Kornelia Krol, current president of PAMS welcomed the past presidents of PAMS:

  • Barbara Roniker
  • Jozef Mazurek
  • Marek Gawrysz
  • Anna Szpindor
  • Bronislaw Orawiec

Dr. Krol took the opportunity to honor individuals and sponsors of PAMS that have made substantial contributions in supporting Polish professionals. She also emphasized the importance of the event, which increases awareness of the organization’s involvement not only in representing medical professionals in US, but also in charitable activities in Chicago and many cities across Poland.

Dr. Krol presented prof. Dr. Ewa Radwanska and Dr. Barbara Roniker with special awards given to those, whose work for the organization has been extraordinary. Prof. Radwanska has been helping PAMS as a Vice President for the past 24 years while Dr. Roniker was the first woman to become PAMS’ president.

Dr. Jozef Mazurek joined a circle of Honorary Members of the Medical Society as being the only one elected twice to be its president for two nonconsecutive terms of office.

Polish Senate Majority Leader, Dr. Stanislaw Karczewski, emphasized the importance of medical profession, and asked all the present doctors to continue their hard work to help people, and use their intellectual potential to promote the best of Polish culture and values.

Consul General of Poland at Chicago Piotr Janicki welcomed past presidents of PAMS, and thanked them for their contribution to propagating Polish culture and high professional image in US. All five of the past presidents of PAMS were honored with prestigious medals “Bene Merito”.

The official part of the evening was eclipsed by a beautiful soprano voice of Dr. Hanna Zajaczkiewicz, who flew from Poland to sing a couple of songs from the most renown musicals and operettas, putting everyone present into an even better and joyous mood.

The event would never be such a great success if not the work of many individuals from the organization and those only sympathizing with PAMS. Dr. Krol thanked warmly all of them, for their hard work, engagement and dedication.

The Board Members express their warm gratitude to all guests and supporters. We hope to see you next year at our annual Physician Ball.

Dr. Jadwiga Samulak

Dr. Kornelia Krol

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