Save the date June, 13th, 2021 for Annual Scholarship Ceremony

Save the date June, 13th, 2021 for Annual Scholarship Ceremony

May 7, 2021

It has been a long tradition of the Polish American Medical Society to award our young medical professionals with scholarships. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been designated and distributed between medicine, dentistry, and veterinary students over the years.  

Members of the Polish American Medical Society pride themselves in that charitable mission. We strive to encourage and support young people who pursue their medical degrees. They are our present and future doctors who through their heritage and passion are actively involved in helping the Polish Community.

The funds supporting such a noble cause come from different sources.

Three scholarship funds were established to facilitate these goals this year. The Dr. Roguska-Kyts Fund, the Endlichhofer Trust Fund, and the Dr. Cebulski Fund have contributed to the current scholarship winners.

Aside from these scholarship funds, the annual dues and contributions made by all the active PAMS members help such wonderful programs to continue and develop for years to come.

We would like to thank all our donors, active members, and volunteers who help us with our mission.

Our Annual Scholarship Ceremony will take place June 13, 2021.


We will inform you about the place and time very shortly.


Piotr Brukasz, MD
Polish American Medical Society