Opłatek, January 8th, 2023

Opłatek, January 8th, 2023

December 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

You are invited to our yearly Opłatek in the Jesuit Millennium Center this coming Sunday, January 8, 2023. Our mass will be celebrated by Father Stanislaw Czarnecki at 2:30PM.
Our traditional Opłatek festivities are planned to take place immediately after the mass. We will be singing Christmas carols with the accompaniment of Marcus Band and Father Czarnecki playing the guitar. Our Junior Board Member, Stephanie Gacek will be playing the violin and singing carols.  Refreshments will be served along with sweet deserts, especially the original Polish pączki.
We are looking forward to this event filled with gratitude, while celebrating it in the presence of our friends and families.
Let us gather to have a good time and to build long lasting memories.

Sincerely yours,

Piotr Brukasz, MD
Polish American Medical Society



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