Prof. Marek Rudnicki received the title of Doctorate Honoris Causa

Dear Members and Friends,
It is our honor to congratulate our former President Prof. Marek Rudnicki on receiving the title of Doctorate Honoris Causa of the Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland.
The honor was presented to Prof. Rudnicki in recognition of his distinguished accomplishments in medicine as well as the community and political arena.
Prof. Rudnicki is not only an outstanding doctor and surgeon, but also a teacher and mentor of many generations of doctors. The award was given to an extraordinary Man who, in times of trial, in the 1980s, as one of the founders of “Solidarity” in the then Silesian Medical Academy, showed nobility and courage.
Since moving to the United States, he has become the leader of the Medical and Patriotic Polish Diaspora. He served his knowledge by teaching students at American universities. However, he never forgot about Poland or his university. “For years, he has built intellectual bridges between Poland and the USA, and his activities brought concrete results,” said the Rector of the Medical University of Silesia, Prof. Tomasz Szczepański and added: “Awarding the title of doctor honoris causa to Prof. Rudnicki is an expression of special recognition for the professional, scientific, and life path of this outstanding academic teacher, but also emphasizes his role as a teacher, scientist, organizer, social activist, a man of many passions, always serving other people and the homeland. I am glad that today, in this unique place, the ceremony awarding the title of doctor honoris causa to such an extraordinary person is taking place. This room is also a symbol of Democracy, Freedom, Dialogue – values ​​so important to Prof. Rudnicki.”
“I learned to look at the world with different eyes, from the knowledge and experience of staying abroad, with an absolute willingness to share what is new, what can be useful, and what can be important to my countrymen,” said Prof. Rudnicki.
Please join us in congratulating Prof. Rudnicki.
President and the Board of Directors
Polish American Medical Society


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